Should be grateful to our Polish friends

THOSE organising the migrant protest obviously have very short memories or perhaps are not educated enough to acknowledge the significant contribution made by the Polish during the Second World War.

One hundred and forty five Polish pilots fought in the Battle of Britain where 303 (Polish) Sqn achieved the highest number of kills of any allied squadron.

By March 1944 195,000 Polish Armed Forces were fighting under British command including 19,400 in the RAF and 3,000 in the Navy. However the most significant contribution was made by the Polish Intelligence Services. Three mathematician-cryptologists, Marian Rejewski, Henryk Zygalski and Jerzy Róycki, developed techniques that were shared with the British and allowed the decryption of the Enigma cyphers.

Without this shared information the British would not have cracked the Enigma code. 

Of all reports received by the British secret services from continental Europe in 1939-45, 43 per cent came from Polish sources.

Without the contribution of Polish Nationals it may have been the case that those planning the march in November would not have the freedom to do so.