Social networking site no place to organise protest

I AM sending this email in response to the article published on the front page of the Boston Standard about a manifestation which started on a social network site and is planned to happen on November 19.

First of all, I must inform that I am not English but I have lived in Boston for several years.

I love the city, the people.

I have always paid my taxes and fortunately never had to resort to any kind of social support.

Since we (me and my family) arrived, we did our best to adapt to the customs and traditions.

I can say that we are perfectly integrated in the society!

I understand that the UK has immigration in ‘mass’ from certain countries, but I think the people responsible for this great country are trying to find the best solution to this dilemma!

But nobody should join a social network site to organise a protest!

I understand that we are not all equal, some good people, some bad. But all countries deal with this situation!

I believe that the people who are responsible for this protest have never been abroad.

Because if they did, they would have found that migration takes place across the UK and all around the world!

If someone travelled to Australia, USA, India, Portugal (and many more countries) they would find that there are many citizens of the UK living there, trying to improve their standard of living. But nobody should join a social network site to organise a protest!

I believe that with this kind of behaviour and the protest we won’t be solving anything.

It only leads to more violence but I am trusting 100 per cent in Boston Borough Council and police to take care of the situation more adequately.

The last time I saw someone trying to solve a problem on a social network site and then organise a protest in London the result was disastrous.


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