Socialise with foreign workers and try to help them adjust

I AM a ‘foreigner’ myself, although I’ve lived here for a very long time now, and while I can see how the growing number of immigrants can be a problem (it’s mainly the ones that refuse to learn the language or socialise, though), I can’t see how carrying out a protest in Boston will help anything!

Surely if the campaigners want something to actually happen about this, they should go to London and protest there?

What’s protesting in Boston going to achieve, other than growing numbers of hate crime?

And the whole ‘taking all necessary precautions to make sure the demonstration is peaceful’ – have you read some of the comments on the page?!

Some of the campaigners do state valid points about the foreigners not trying to socialise or generally causing trouble in the town centre, but others coming up with disgusting comments about the murder of the Polish man a couple of weeks ago is quite disgusting.

While I do understand that the whole point of this protest is to achieve some sort of attention, why do some of the campaigners sink this low to get it?

I’d also like to add that the opinion that foreigners get all the help, such as benefits and council houses, quicker than UK citizens is a myth.

What I could suggest, instead of trying to stop the foreigners coming to the UK and Boston at all, why not just protest to make changes to the law?

Make people only eligible to benefits and other Government help after living here for a few months or years even.

Isn’t this what this whole argument is about?

Leave the politics to the politicians and concentrate on making Boston a nicer place.

Try and socialise with the foreigners, and help them adjust. It is hard to adjust to a new country and learn a new language, but give them a chance.


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