Still protesting

MY WIFE and I used to be regular shoppers in Boston, but as a small protest against the obscene waste of taxpayers’ money – costing millions of pounds – on the alterations to Boston Market Place, we withdrew our support.

We have done no shopping in Boston since last June, finding suitable alternative places to shop locally – in Spalding and on the internet. Neither of these involve paying parking charges.

We had been considering returning to do some shopping in Boston once the Market Place works ended but, noting the proposed increases in parking charges, have changed our minds.

This continuing war on motorists by Boston borough and Lincolnshire county councils ensures Boston will continue to be out of bounds. If enough local taxpayers took similar action, it could influence local councillors.

Some taxpayers may consider there are more realistic targets at which to aim before another assault on motorists.

As it stands, I feel sorry for Boston businesses.

D. J. Bowler