Stop these speeding motorists before a child is hurt

I’VE noticed and mentioned to the parents on my street about the few young men who drive at high speed on Robin Hood’s Walk – Sheriff Way with concern for the small children who play and ride their bikes on our street.

The parents have relayed their frustration with the borough council’s immediate replies of no money and/or legal liability to installing speed bumps and unfortunately police enforcement is at a premium with these austere times.

I was referred to and have contacted Lincolnshire County Council’s Andrea Jenkyns whom I plan to meet at the Witham East Neighbourhood meeting on April 26 to consider options that might be taken to enforce a safer rate of speed on our street.

I’ve received a few suggestions from neighbours and one suggestion the residents are aware of elsewhere in other areas (as in the village of Eye) are islands in the street that force ‘Right of Way’ for traffic.

I don’t want to pre-dispose the people who can do something about this issue by pressure through the media but it would be nice to know, as we venture forward, that you might follow this effort and when the time is right, notify your readers of our concern and garner their backing for resolve.

This is a school area. I’m hoping to involve as many parents as possible in insisting the council resolve this potentially deadly situation on our street.

I’m hoping we never regret that something should have been done before a tragedy unfolds taking one of these wonderful children.

Tim Norman