Support Circle here to help family and friends

WHAT is support?

Well this is a question that I have thought about frequently over the last few months, while getting the Forces Family and Friends Support Circle up and running.

Support has many different disguises, in so many circumstances. Our experiences, life knowledge and the people we meet all impact us and sometimes the thing we can endure can be positive, but in the extreme instances it can bring negativity in our lives.

This is why I felt it so important to get FFFSC up and running to have the opportunity to have a conversation with someone who can empathise with your situation with words of wisdom, to have a place where the hand of friendship and understanding can be held out, so a face of concern can find comfort or for those who are finding life difficult with the challenges that Armed Forces life or service are presenting at that moment, can be helped with fully-trained British Legion caseworkers, that can help find services to help make situations easier or provide direction to putting them on the right path.

I want it to be one of my commitments to FFFSC to help people know where to access these services and not let people suffer in silence. ‘Informed choice’ is a favourite phrase of mine at the moment and it can make a lot of difference to lives and circumstances.

Over the last few months FFFSC, has seen some achievements that have made differences, the group has seen a couple new to the area integrate with the town’s population while having their son serve in Afghanistan.

A dad and father-in-law gathered information and asked questions on the best way he can support his returning family from overseas deployment.

My husband, who is about to embark on his resettlement period after 22 years in the RAF, has found networking with veterans and like-mined people has given him food for thought and lines of enquiry to chase up with reference to education and new careers.

I have also been very lucky, getting to meet a lot of people who have given me strength to carry on and get on with day to day living while supporting my husband with his deployments, especially a Falkland veteran’s wife whose own experiences have helped put my life into prospective on numerous occasion, which I have been most grateful for.

The story that is very close to my heart at the moment is to support a young lad, who in the next few months will be joining the Army. He is readying himself for his new life by coming and asking questions, so he can be in the best place he can be to undertake his service life with the best possible commitment available.

So you see, FFFSC has seen support evolve in many different ways and I am sure we will see more in the coming months.

If you would like to come and see how the support circle can help you or just get involved with like-minded people, join us at our next meeting on Saturday from 10am-noon at Ground Court, Broadfield Lane, Boston, or for further details contact Alison Lynch or 07800 532507, we would love to hear from you.


Forces Family & Friends Support Circle co-ordinator