Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay extra

THE new Boston Borough Council is to be congratulated on handing over the Peter Paine Sports Centre to Boston College. That had been agreed by the previous council in March, of course.

The £1 million will provide much-improved facilities not only for Boston students, but also the wider community. This is both very desirable and sensible.

It is also rewarding to see the new council and portfolio holder continuing the important work commenced by Jim Blaylock of the previous administration. Free Central Park facilities in time of austerity, and new allotments such as those at Cuckoo Land off Wyberton Low Road, are important projects.

The reopening of the training pool next month, the promised cost savings, and the refurbishment of the Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex, is something thousands upon thousand of petition signers will welcome. Though many of those were not Boston borough residents or council taxpayers, of course. Ending the long-standing cost of the PRSA will also presumably be met well before 2013, as promised by the previous administration.

The doorstep green waste collection is already underway, but without the necessary ‘bin to put it in’. As Lincolnshire County Council is responsible for disposing of the waste, they will save a great deal of money on their landfill costs. They should have provided some green waste bins.

Life is clearly difficult for many in Boston. It is a low income area, with salaries frozen, painful cuts, job losses, high inflation, and severe austerity measures imposed, or required by the government. The new borough council could not have chosen a worse time to increase their councillors’ basic allowance by 85 per cent. Many of Boston’s council taxpayers believe that it will mean that they will be paying increases in their council tax to pay for the above things. That would be quite wrong. The previous administration refused ‘point blank’ to do that!


Poppy Close, Boston