Thanks for community cash

TO the Boston Standard and James Edwards teams:

I am emailing to thank you once again for the £250 you awarded myself to aid the production of a charity fashion show in order to raise money for MS Research.

Thanks to this money, we have been able to secure the main hall at Haven High Technology College on Saturday, July 14, 2012, for our event.

Moreover, there have been recent breakthroughs in research into multiple sclerosis, suggesting that the illness may be related to a genetic mutation affecting the processing of vitamin D. It is research like this that will change the lives of so many, and that we are raising money to fund. Thanks to the Community Chest cash, we will be able to aid these kind of amazing breakthroughs and help transform the lives of those affected by MS.

On behalf of myself, all those involved with the fashion show project and those we know whose lives have been, and still are, affected by multiple sclerosis, thank you.


Via e-mail