Thanks for giving me new lease of life

I HAVE heard some negative reports regarding healthcare in our area, and hope that my recent experience can go some way to rebalance the equation.

One morning in February I had a heart attack.

Within minutes of the 999 call, First Responder Tim arrived, closely followed by the ambulance, crewed by Rachel and Martin.

They all initiated emergency treatment, before rushing me to the Pilgrim Hospital A&E.

There, a team led by Jan continued the treatment, and were able to stabilise me.

I was then transferred to the Coronary Care Unit (CCU), where treatment continued for a few days pending removal to the Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, where I underwent triple bypass surgery.

I am now recovering at home.

If it was not for the dedication and skill of the numerous medical personnel in whose care I had been, I might not now be writing this letter.

I cannot thank them enough for giving me a new lease of life.