The nurses are doing their best

I AM taking this opportunity to speak out in defence of the doctors, nurses, HCSWs and student nurses who work within Pilgrim Hospital.

I am a student nurse and have spent the last five years of my life working in this hospital as a HCSW and now a student nurse.

I think it is important that people are made aware of how us students feel about this situation that has resulted in us all being pulled out from working within this hospital.

Not once has anyone from ULHT or any other bodies been to speak to us students to find out how we feel and how it has impacted our training. I am sure I am not alone when I say that we feel let down.

However in defence to the hospital I think it is wrong that the media portrays this hospital to be full of ‘bad nurses’ – it is not that any of us are bad nurses it is purely the fact that there is not enough of us to go around.

In fact I am sure that staff within the hospital are missing having students on the wards as this is the only time they feel their wards are better staffed. Despite the fact we are supposed to be supernumerary and not counted in staffing numbers I think it’s pretty obvious that they have no other choice.

Many people will comment about how much better other hospitals are. No hospital is perfect. If we had as many staff on our wards as hospitals such as Lincoln then there wouldn’t be half as many issues with the care being given.

We go without dinner breaks, we work extra to our normal eight hour shifts to ensure jobs are done and our patients come first.

Surely the fact that whenever anyone writes to a paper about Pilgrim rarely is it ever a negative response to the care received and most patients are always appreciative of what we do for them. It is unfair that people assume this hospital is full of bad nurses.

Surely a first improvement would be to improve staffing numbers. They will moan about the amount of money the hospital has to spend on agency staff, but surely they know it would be more cost effective to employ permanent staff, although now all this negative media is not helping, if anything it is making it worse as now more and more staff are leaving Pilgrim to work elsewhere as they are sick of being labelled as a ‘bad nurse’.

In fact a lot of fellow students are fearing their chance of employment once qualified as they don’t want to work in a hospital that is under staffed.

In conclusion to this I would just like to point out that I have never experienced working with any ‘bad nurses’ just purely overworked ones.