There simply aren’t enough hospital parking spaces

YOUR correspondent who takes such glee in motorists parking on the A16 outside the Pilgrim Hospital being ticketed is being very harsh, and possibly not thinking about the other side of the story as to why people park there.

It is simply because parking spaces within the hospital grounds are, at certain times, insufficient.

I speak from experience, having to attend out-patients clinics myself and also driving other people.

I do try to arrive in good time to park, but this can sometimes mean getting there an hour ahead of time, particularly in the afternoons, which is not always possible with sick people.

Has this person ever experienced the stress of driving round and round the car parks and the whole hospital site in desperation along with others, never finding a parking spot?

Does he/she really think I want to park my car along a busy main road and then dash into the clinic, flustered, late and knowing I may well come out to find a parking ticket?

Yes, there may be a few who visit regularly and don’t want to pay to park, but believe me, most of us patients would prefer the fee to trekking in from the A16.

The hospital serves a very wide area - afternoons are immensely busy with people coming for treatment as well as the deluge of visitors. Don’t judge us as mean offenders when mostly we’re really just patients at our wit’s end, trying to get a happy conclusion to the mad game of hospital parking.