Think of the bigger picture over parking

LET’S bring some out-of-the-box thinking to bear on the contentious issue of disabled parking to establish exactly who is being discriminated against and what form this takes.

For a start, ‘Disabled Parking’ is an unhelpful way to describe the needs of wheelchair users who require extra space in which to manoeuvre their equipment.

To ensure a level playing field, why are there no demands that, before councillors even debate the disabled parking charges issue, wheelchair users must be offered the same level of access to public transport enjoyed by able-bodied people?

The huge capital cost of this would inevitably be passed on to the entire community one way or another so it would be a wise move to consider the larger picture instead of issuing bitter, selective complaints about somebody getting a ‘freebie’!

The perceived current loss to borough income pales into insignificance when the alternatives are fully considered!


Wyberton Fen