Turn up to fulfill your duty to voters

I write as a parish councillor for Wrangle to take exception to the comments of John Grant, formerly BBI councillor for Wrangle and Old Leake ward.

During the last two years of his tenure, the then Coun Grant was in a state of permanent absence from our monthly parish council meetings, therefore, missing out on all of the important matters and ward-related issues which arose during our meetings in that time.

We have been very lucky to have been well served by our Conservative borough and county councillors, who have attended and contributed consistently throughout, including very busy periods as mayor, deputy mayor, county council chairman, and borough council leader.

As a councillor, at any level, we have a basic duty to turn up and take part, unless we have a very good reason which prevents us.

Working hours are one of life’s occupational hazards, but ones which are rarely impossible to overcome, and I speak with experience working as a farmer.

I have happily parked my tractor outside our Parish Hall in order to attend a meeting and fulfil my responsibilities to the people who elected me.

I find it offensive and contemptible that anyone holding office as a councillor should regard their basic attendance as a waste of their time.

It is an insult to every vote cast ever in their favour.

I would further like to support here the wise words of Coun Yvonne Gunter written in this newspaper.

If you don’t turn up, you will never learn and never know what is going on; if you don’t know what is going on, you won’t ever be capable of making a sensible, constructive contribution.

And if you don’t know what is going on and cannot contribute, you aren’t much use as a councillor – to your council, your ward, or the people who voted for you.