Unelected candidates should continue work

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MAY I thank the 308 voters in Fishtoft who voted for me, and I’d like to wish all of our councillors well in their work as our elected representatives.

I’d like to remind the other unelected candidates that we play a vital role in providing greater choice on the ballot paper and giving a voice to those who share our values.

Beyond this election, rather than disappearing for four years, we can choose to continue to champion the views of those who voted for us. We can work hard to hold elected councillors to account throughout their term of office.

I congratulate the Conservatives for their tremendous achievement in taking overall control.

However, I note only 41 per cent of the votes cast (around 12,000) were for the Conservative party while 51 per cent of votes (more than 15,000) were for neither of the big two political parties who have dominated national politics for decades.

Coupled with the fact that more than half of the electorate decided that none of us were worth turning out to vote for should give all of us involved in local politics good cause to reflect on this important message.

I’d like to finish with a question for the No to AV campaigners and voters. Having raised concerns that under AV some voters would have their vote counted more than once, how fair do you think it is that some voters in the borough elections had three votes while many had only one - is it time for the Electoral Commission to re-draw our ward boundaries so that we all have two votes and two councillors in each ward?

Helen Sheridan-Shinn

Independent candidate for Fishtoft ward