Visible police presence ‘essential’ for town

‘THERE should be a greater police presence on the streets of Boston’.

This telling statement was made by MP Mark Simmonds in response to questioning at the council’s inquiry into the social impact of immigration on Boston, and will strike a chord with most local residents.

He went on to suggest that this makes Boston a special case and should be treated and resourced accordingly by both central government and the Police Authority.

This should be taken on board by the independent lay Police Commissioner for Lincolnshire when elected later this year.

Police records suggest that Boston does not have more crime than other towns in the county, but most observers acknowledge that the high proportion of migrants within the town is found intimidating by many residents and visitors to the town.

The word ‘tension’ is used in certain circles but this may be seen as hype in an attempt to exaggerate the situation.

I don’t believe that the average man or woman in the street is xenophobic, but that they are fearful and uneasy at seemingly being outnumbered by foreigners.

Many feel that they are no longer living in the town that they once knew and loved.

These unique circumstances within Boston cannot be ignored. Greater numbers of police actually visible on the streets of Boston are essential for helping the people of this town regain their confidence, and that Boston once again portrays the image of a pleasant historic market town.