War billions should be spent on reducing debt

REGRETTABLY the Conservative Government still seems hell-bent in continuing to send our brave forces to die in the Afghan war, that cannot be won.

Afghanistan has not just taken lives but also cost many £billions.

The Conservative LibDems are now embarking on another war – in Libya, which will cost lives and more £billions.

A positive approach to dealing with the deficit, would have been to keep this country out of such foreign wars.

Many people in Boston would have hoped the war £billions could have been used to repay part of our national debt and help with the budget deficit.

Their austerity and cuts would then have been more gradual.

Foreign war savings could have reduced the impact created by Labour’s wicked financial legacy.

This could have included: better control of immigration; help with the rapidly increasing food prices; keeping petrol and diesel prices under control; improving employment prospects; dealing effectively with alcohol induced crime; improving our road infrastructure; help with cushioning the rise of the state pension age to 66/68 year olds; reconsidering the abolition of education maintenance allowances; dealing sympathetically with travel costs to and from school and college; special care for the some one million unemployed young people; tuition fee help – the list seems endless.

Of course, it can be argued the many £billions of savings from not fighting foreign wars, would only have scratched the surface of the Conservatives’ enormous financial problems.

Coun Maj Ray Newell (rtd)