We have everything we need right here

FOR once I would like to write to your paper on a non-political matter and yet one which I believe is significant for Boston.

As a town, Boston competes with towns of similar size and profile; yet unlike some towns which I will not name both in Lincolnshire and beyond we have a number of high quality businesses, and cultural offers that make our town very special. One of these is Blackfriars Theatre.

I would like to draw your readers’ attention to the exceptionally high quality of performance on offer at Blackfriars; particularly from our local theatrical and musical groups.

The Variety Show in Honour of Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and held in aid of our Boston Mayor Coun Mary Wright’s charities on March 10 was a particularly enjoyable, entertaining and fun evening. Directed by Marilyn Cobb and Glyn Ruskin with music by Lynn Baker and Marc Murray, the talent was all home-grown, much of it of a quality you would think beyond the scope of a small town to produce – and it stood and stands as a genuine testament that Boston as a town has creative talent far bigger than its relatively small size.

The evening consisted of comedy, music and dance and raised more than £1,000 in aid of the Mayor’s charities.

I would urge all local people not only to shop local but be entertained locally and to support their local theatre. Bostonians don’t need to go elsewhere for live entertainment as in so many things and in so many ways we have all we need here.


Councillor Central Ward and Boston East