We pay when costs over-run

IN RESPONSE to Richard Lenton’s letter in the Standard (May 18, 2011), I was one of the few people who attended the meeting last year at the council.

The figure I understood for Boston Borough Council to contribute towards the Market Place refurbishment was £250,000 and the county council’s contribution £450,000.

At that meeting they put on a slide show of other town and city revamps but as I pointed out to them there were no buses on any of the other slides going through town centres like we have in Boston.

I also asked for the five lamps that are at the top of Liqourpond Street to be put back in the town centre.

But I see we will only get a replica which will incorporate bus stops.

The last revamp cost a fortune. What will happen to the York slabs and the blocks in the town centre?

Also, if the revamp runs over budget who will pay the extra? Us, the public, as usual.