We’ve already said we want a bypass

I AM puzzled as to why Coun Newell says ‘as many people as possible must make our demand for a distributor road’.

I thought that was exactly what we did when we elected the Boston Bypass Party. In fact, I find it hard to imagine how a clearer statement of where the Boston electorate and motorists wish their taxes to be spent could possibly be made. Despite that clear and democratic statement Lincolnshire County Council and the government chose to totally ignore their constituents wishes and I doubt very much whether anything has changed now.

After all, there are things like the new rail link between London and Birmingham and the London Olympics to be paid for and no doubt Lincoln will be found to need yet another bypass when the next one is finished.

The only way Boston is going to get a bypass is if we withhold our taxes from LCC and the DVLA and use those funds to build it ourselves.


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