Well done Josh on putting your money where your mouth is!

HOW refreshing to see a young man (Boston Standard front page last week) who seems to have his head screwed on.

Josh Sargeant should be commended for his attitude. Not only has he already set up his own business at the tender age of 17, he has pledged to invest the £500,000 he won in a McDonald’s promotion into that business. I hope Josh’s story is an inspiring one to other youngsters –- rather than sitting on your backside expecting yoor parents or the welfare system to provide for you, go out and make something for yourself.

Infamous Lotto lout Michael Carroll should have taken a leaf out of his book and done something useful with his unexpected windfall rather than squandering his fortune on drugs and crime.

I sincerely wish Josh all the best in his business venture and congratulate him on having the sense and foresight to spend his money wisely. For that alone he deserves to succeed.


Sleaford Road