What happened to Boston’s event?

This morning I received a communication (no doubt in common with thousands of other residents) concerning summary care records.

I have no issue with that, and on turning the page saw that I am invited to attend one of an impressive list of drop-in sessions, should I wish to discuss the matter.

Not one of those sessions is in Boston, or even anywhere near Boston, although they appear to be held almost everywhere else in the county.

Boston residents will have the choice of travelling to Spalding, Sleaford, Skegness, Stamford or even Sutton on Sea if they wish to ask questions face-to-face with someone about this.

Don’t Bostonians deserve to be able to discuss matters before exercising their choice?

Is this an attempt to substantiate the myth that our residents are unhealthier than those elsewhere?

Perhaps NHS Lincolnshire would like to justify the omission of Boston (the county’s second largest town) from its list?

Alison Austin

Via email