What is happening to the old Market Place bricks?

I WAS walking through the Market Place near the TSB Lloyds Bank on Wednesday listening to comments from other people like me.

Comments were ‘what is happening to the bricks that are being taking up?’

I have asked that question before when the stall was on the York slabs showing the public the proposed scheme for the town centre. I asked the county council representative what was going to happen to the bricks and York slabs in the Market Place. I was told they were going to be recycled but all I have seen up to now is they are being taken up by a JCB, put into the lorry and taken away.

If they were recycled there is enough to repair Narrow Bargate and some left over, but then again there is no damage to Narrow Bargate, I was told that nearly a year ago and if there was, repairs would be done in the New Year, the New Year that passed 10 months ago - county council comments not mine.