What will happen to Market Place stones after the works?

AS A resident of Boston all my life, now 75 years old, I have been reading comments in The Standard about what the various parties did or did not do, what they promise to do and then, if they get elected, forget all about.

Over the last four years we got a bit of a refurbishment and the Five Lamps were moved to Liquorpond Street.

Now only the lamp post is left - where are the lamps now?

Under the new plans what will happen to the York slabs? The new proposals for the Five Lamps mean it will be just a bus stop. What will happen to the bricks which make up the town centre?

Nothing has been done yet about the buses running through the precinct. The county council representative said repairs would be done in the New Year and now it is February and nothing has been done yet.

At the borough council’s consultation stall during the market, I went three times and did not get answers to my questions.

Is what the council are showing us what we are going to get?

How much revenue did parking in the market place generate for the council over the last year? With no parking at all, except for the disabled money, will be lost.

P. C. Green

Royal Way