When will Bank Street re-open? It’s really inconvenient

WHEN is the council going to re-open Bank Street?

I live on the north side of Boston and with Bank Street closed I have a long and tedious journey to get to the Market Place round the congested John Adams Way to the Spalding roundabout and back again – so I don’t go.

It is almost quicker to drive to Skegness.

Since it has been shut I have only once driven to visit the shops in the Market Place and that was because I was returning from Spalding and so coming past.

I appreciate that you have done everything in your power to kill the Market Place off by removing the availability of easy quick parking and by allowing the big supermarkets to offer all the incentives to do all shopping with them and removing the need to visit other shops.

I do accept that the big supermarkets do offer employment but I would contend that they lose as many jobs as they create due to the closure of the small businesses.

I understand that the work on the Market Place should soon be finished and I ask for your assurance that Bank Street will reopen as soon as the work is done.