Why do councillors park for free?

COUN Richmond says he wants to be fair to all members of the community.

Why should able-bodied people or the disabled community pay when the councillors get free parking?

Hardly fair!

However, The Boston Disability Forum believe that introducing car parking charges for the disabled without even having accessible meters in place is not fair, and is shameful of this Conservative council.

Coun Richmond forgets to mention the fact that they have decided to hit the most vulnerable members of society and introduce charges to make up for the government’s cutbacks.

He also said about disabled people: “it’s like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas.”

How disrespectful and shameful.

The BDF know 30 minutes is not a long enough concession, and have evidence of this.

Forum members will be happy to speak about this through council questions at the next full council meeting on July 25, where the BDF will be holding another protest.

Please join us to protest against this discrimination.