Why not build a reservoir?

I GET sick and tired of reading about water shortages and hosepipe bans.

I understand that Lincolnshire is one of the worst hit areas when a drought looms, especially as it is one of the largest agricultural areas in the country and water is needed here twice as much as everywhere else.

When we get any amount of rain, as we have in recent weeks, the rivers and drains come up overnight and what happens? The floodgates open and millions of gallons of that much-wanted water is released into the sea. What is the sense in this?

Surely to goodness, with all those acres of flat land between these rivers and drains, it would be possible to accommodate one or two massive reservoirs so that excess water could be piped from the rivers and drains into them instead of opening the floodgates?

Probably it is me who is thinking wrong or, coming to live here in the summer months it is nothing to do with me and I’m just poking my nose in where it is not wanted, but it’s just an opinion.

The Environment Agency may say its not feasible for some reason or it’s too expensive but if they did build these reservoirs and let them out to sailing and angling clubs, surely a lot of the cost could be recouperated?

Another thing to look at would be the prospects of nature reserves and wildlife parks as it would do good for the wildlife and bring more visitors to the area.

I know it would take a bigger brain than mine to create a project like this but is it too much to imagine this could be a big possibility and a big advantage to everyone in Lincolnshire?


Hubberts Bridge