Writing to boost the morale of Pilgrim Hospital staff

PLEASE, please publish this letter to help boost the morale of the superb nursing staff at the Pilgrim Hospital.

I was admitted to the CDU ward on Friday, June 10, for a three week stay on CDU and ward 5A.

I was found a bed within 30 minutes and then started my five-star all-inclusive treatment. Although it was obvious they were short-staffed nothing was too much trouble, the nurses were running around trying to cope with ignorant and tempered patients who had not got a minute to wait – most of them treated the nurses as pieces of dirt, or waiters.

The three days that I was on CDU ward I never heard a bad word from the nursing staff, nothing was ever too much trouble – even when one patient had struck out at a nurse and tried to throw the side cabinet at them.

Still, on they worked through the night, putting up with patients screaming and shouting and trying to get out of their beds with all their lines attached.

Even after 10/11/12 hour shifts they always had a cheerful word and smile for us all.

I was transferred to ward 5A and my five-star all-inclusive bracelet travelled with me. Once again, the first thing I noticed was the shortage of staff.

Nothing was ever too much trouble, no-one showing any animosity towards the patients even though they were treated very badly by some of the patients (being rude and abusive seemed to be the normal). Most of these people would not put up with this treatment in the real world outside of the hospital.

I would like to thank everyone on 5A for making my stay in hospital bearable. A very hearty ‘well done’ to all the staff at the Pilgrim Hospital.


Amber Hill