You can’t have it both ways

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KATHARINE Sumner’s letter last week headed ‘Public sector old age is no more important than ours’ is typical of many uninformed opinions about public sector pensions.

The biggest injustice is not the pension itself, but that the agreement entered into at the start of joining the scheme is being changed for the worse.

No one in the public sector is saying they are more deserving than anyone else, all they are asking is that the agreement they entered into when starting that employment is honoured.

Any strike and its consequences is to be regretted, but what about the pain and suffering that will be caused by people having a greatly reduced pension, despite having paid for it.

As for the selfishness she speaks of, instead of dragging everybody down to the lowest common denominator, what happened to striving to achieve and better yourself?

I also notice she is not banging the drum for a pay increase for public sector workers.

Is the private sector more important?

Average private sector wage increases are reported to be two per cent. Public sector wages are frozen.

You can’t have it both ways.