Your support for cycle ride will help put Kirton on the map

MANY residents of the borough will, no doubt, be looking forward to June 27 when the Olympic torch passes through, but hundreds of people, all over the world, are already planning another event that will come to Kirton in the summer of 2013.

This event, organised by Audax UK, takes place every four years and involves over 600 cyclists, from more than 30 countries, riding the 1,400 kilometres from London to Edinburgh and back within five days. The riders will climb about 11,000 metres and check in at 13 points along the route.

Middlecott School has been chosen, and has willingly accepted, to be one of the check points for the 2013 event and volunteers are already planning food, showers, sleeping and other support that the riders will require.

As you can imagine there is lots to do. The check point will be open from Sunday, July 28 to August 2 2013 and as all riders are different we will provide breakfasts, dinners and snacks, shower and sleeping facilities, advise where cycle components can be purchased, and medical care should this be required.

This will obviously bring enormous benefits to businesses and local groups in Kirton as we intend to make all our purchases locally where possible.

In previous years local groups have helped us to decorate the reception, made welcome signs in different languages, supplied baked goods and helped to signpost the riders to the check point but no doubt people in Kirton will have other ideas to make this check point a pleasant memory for the riders.

Over the following months myself, Gerry Boswell (York cyclist) and my colleagues, from various parts of the UK, will be contacting businesses and organisations in Kirton to ensure the smooth running of this event. I hope that you will all be able to support us and really put Kirton on the map as a village with a future.

If you wish to see the route in more detail, or learn more about the event please go to the website:

If you wish to help, in any way, please contact me at: or 01904 795695.


Kirton controller