Your town needs you for a spring clean!

GRAB a brush, a black bag and a litter picker, the date has been set for this year’s Big Boston Clean-Up.

The annual community cleaning event will take place between Monday, April 11 and Friday, April 15.

The volunteer-based effort aims to make Boston a cleaner and tidier town.

Clean-up organiser and Boston Borough Council’s environment and sustainability officer Jen Moore is looking to hear from people who want to nominate ‘grot spots’ across the town in need of attention.

She said: “I’m really looking forward to this year.

“As early as December last year people were enquiring about the clean-up.

“There are a number of businesses approaching us and wanting their staff to help as well.”

Because of the difficulty in getting private land cleared in previous years, there is also an amnesty being called to try to get private land in the public eye cleaned up.

The team is hoping to do this by inviting landowners to fill plastic bags with rubbish and leave them on the curb for volunteers to pick up.

Jen said: “We were getting a lot of grot spots identified by the public last year that were on private land and we had a problem getting the owners involved.

“So this year we said we’ll clean it up but they have to help as well.

“People have good will but it would be nice to see a commitment.”

It is also hoped the railway owner, Network Rail, will also help by cleaning the land the company owns.

The clean-up has seen as many as 500 schoolchildren, residents, councillors and more take part in previous years.

Jen said she had told BBC Lincolnshire last year that volunteers had found everything but the kitchen sink on their clean-ups... and then found one two days later.

Pledge forms are available online at, by calling Jen Moore on 01205 314583 and by emailing