Your Valentine’s Day messages

Celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend.
Celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend.

Here’s the Valentine’s messages of love you’ve sent to us:

○ Ian Wickson - Can’t wait to become Mrs Wickson in July. Love you always, Anna Handson xxxxxx

○ Michael Greetham - Happy Valentine’s Day my darling husband, love you very much indeed every day, our love is so strong, love you so much darling Michael - loving wife Sandra x x x x x x x x x x x

○Happy Valentine’s Day to my amazing hubby Stuart and baby boy Connor - love you both to the moon and back, all my love always and forever - Sarah x x

○ Chris Bray - Love u so much forever and always, ur wifey for lifey. Kim xx

○ Shae and Chase- Love u both so much, from mummy and daddy xx