Jimmy Perez: why Twitter loves Shetland’s down to earth detective dad

Jimmy Perez: why Twitter loves Shetland’s down to earth detective dad
Jimmy Perez: why Twitter loves Shetland’s down to earth detective dad

Shetland lived up to its growing reputation and came to a typically gripping finale last night.

At the centre of the drama was, of course, DI Jimmy Perez.

Despite the maelstrom of horror which unfolded around him, the ever resilient dad warmed audience hearts. His dogged approach to work paired with a care and affection for his daughter and fellow islanders left social media users in awe of the lead character.

‘The best actor on TV just now’

Audiences were quick to praise Douglas Henshall’s performance as the down to earth dad. The actor has been praised for his emotional portrayal.

One Tweeter went as far as claiming he was the best actor currently on television.

User @thekniv summed up the character as “simply awesome”.

Catriona Scott suggested that this was the actor’s finest work yet.

A modern male figure

What made Perez so appealing for many was his difference to fellow TV detective male leads.

Macho cliches which plague other shows, were swapped for warm and benevolent characteristics so often lacking in male characters.

Twitter user Claire Simpson claimed that Perez’s affectionate side made him a timely male lead. 

The lead’s vulnerability made fans feel empathy with the character. This tweeter wasn’t the only person who felt the desire to put an arm round emotional wreck Jimmy Perez.

User Googleyecat couldn’t help but express her affection for the sensitive detective.

While one Tweeter was slightly more forward…

Cult fandom

Perez, played by Douglas Henshall, has grown a cult following during his six week stint on the small screen.

One fan has plotted her own gritty form of fan-fiction.

While @JoshsMomm has provided the character with a bold nickname.

Another immortalised the detective in this drawing.

Another fan was infuriated when Perez was deprived screen time.

But with a further season confirmed and rumours of a departure for Jimmy Perez heating up, fans fear a world that doesn’t contain DI Jimmy Perez.

Could this love for Perez be short lived?