2012 Olympic legacy for sport launched in Lincolnshire

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SUNDAY marked 600 days to go until the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

More than 200 countries will descend on our capital city with over 225,000 athletes competing for Olympic and Paralympic medals. Sevety thousand volunteers will be selected to help at the Games and one in three people around the world will watch the opening cremony live.

Lincolnshire Sports Partnership and the 2012 Steering group are bringing partners together to ensure the county benefits from the London 2012 Games.

In 2011, the Partnership will launch a number of new projects which will contribute to the Lincolnshire 2012 Legacy.

A new volunteering programme called ‘Silver Spirit’ will complement the already established volunteering initiative ‘Sports Force’, by encouraging men and women aged 50 and over to participate in sport either actively or through volunteering and coaching.

Volunteering is a large part of the London 2012 Games. Over 200,000 people applied to be Games-time volunteers in 2012, but less than half of those will have the opportunity. Lincolnshire Sports Partnership wants to ensure that people can still be part of that legacy whether it is directly in London or not.

The second key area is facilities. Lincolnshire Sports Partnership has recently launched the Lincolnshire Active Community Network which aims to bring sport and activity to local communities across the county by utilising village halls, community centres and schools.

The Partnership will also be working hard to ensure a calendar of elite and mass participation events is established from now until July 2012. Almost every month, Lincolnshire Sports Partnership will be providing opportunities for people to get involved in sport.

Finally, the fourth key area of sport in the Lincolnshire 2012 Legacy is communication. Lincolnshire Sports Partnership is making sure men and women, children and young people across the county know what’s going on, where they can access information and how they can be part of something special.

Janet Inman, Chief Executive of Lincolnshire Sports Partnership commented:“The Lincolnshire Steering Group for the 2012 Games is already working hard to ensure Lincolnshire benefits through business, tourism and culture, but we wanted to launch something at Lincolnshire Sports Partnership to show that this major sporting event in 2012 will have a huge impact on sport and people across the country.”