Black belt for Kuk Sool Dom

Dominic Samra.
Dominic Samra.

Boston Kuk Sool Won’s Dominic Samra has been promoted to second-degree black belt - catching up with his twin.

It’s a case of double impact in the Samra household now, as brother Ben already has the honour.

Dominic was playing catch up after taking a break from the Korean-based martial art.

Boston coach Sonny Boyall said: “Dominic has just promoted to second-degree back belt a year after his twin brother Ben was promoted.

“Dom gave up Kuk Sool Won for six months before he even became a black belt.

“He came back and has never looked back.”

Meanwhile, Boyall spent the end of 2012 clocking up almost 2,000 miles as he travelled the UK with In-Hyuk Suh, Kuk Sool Won’s founder and grandmaster.

His mission saw him carrying out private tuition with the grandmaster’s son Sung Jin Suh.

“The highlight of the two weeks’ travel was to walk Dominic down the arena to get his second-degree promotion from the Grandmaster,” Boyall added.

He also played the Korean drum (Bok) at tournaments .