Brown earns USA success

James Brown.
James Brown.

Kickboxer James Brown stretched his undefeated run after earning victory over experienced fighter Bryan Zeide in New York.

Brown, a member of the Boston TKMA club, flew out with coach Andy Melton as part of an English squad taking on their hosts from the USA.

Following Thursday’s press conference and Friday’s weigh-in, the action unfolded on Long Island on Saturday night.

This was the first time Brown had fought in a cage, but he was no stranger as he has sparred in them before.

After watching three English compatriots defeated, Brown was keen to keep his team in the contest.

Zeide came out really strongly, trying to push Brown back, but the Englishman adapted well and used his sweep to put Zeide onto the canvas.

The second round saw Brown starting to relax and he was picking his opponent off with fast combinations, which saw Zeide’s eye swell.

Zeide came out strongly in the third but Brown weathered the storm and unleashed some nice roundhouse kicks and jumping spin kicks, which where landing flush on the chin - claiming the decision and extended his undefeated streak to four bouts.