Cobra club presentations

Club members with Mayor of Skegness.
Club members with Mayor of Skegness.

The Cobra Ju-Jitsu Club Skegness have held their presentation night.

The Best Attendance awards went to William Macey (junior), William Jacobs (senior) and Emma Morley (senior).

Members Leah Revill, Sarah Bradbrook, Ashton Revill, Mason Scarlett, Elliot Coldwell, Jacob Coxford-Hawkins and Connor Jupp will now all move up to the senior section.

Grading awards were also presented, including: Orange Belt, 7th Kyu black tag William Jacobs; Blue Belt, 5th Kyu black tag Emma Morley; Belt Badge, White Grade 7 Daniel Jackson, Isaac Coxford-Hawkins; Karate Badge, Red Grade 7 Tristan Wilkinson; Comp Badge, Green Grade 7 Hamish Lidgard, White belt, 1 Black Tag Hamish Lidgard, White belt, 2 Black Tags Rio-Scott Watson, Samuel Coxford-Hawkins, White belt, 2 Red Tags Faith Jupp, Conner Annbal; Junior Red Belt, 9th Kyu Alice Lidgard, William Macey; Red Belt, 1 Yellow Tag Jade Leggett & Henry Howis, Red Belt, 2 Yellow Tags Jade Leggett, Henry Howis; Junior Yellow Belt, 8th Kyu Connor Palmer, Jnior Orange Belt, 7th Kyu Rianna Hall, Mason Scarlett, Andrew Jackson; Orange Belt, 1 Green Tag Elliot Coldwell, Orange Belt, 2 Green Tags Leah Revill, Sarah Bradbrook, Ashton Revill, Jacob Coxford-Hawkins.

The Mayor of Skegness, Coun Dick Edginton, presented the awards to the students.

The parents were entertained by the juniors showing fighting in stages, including karate, judo and Ju-Jitsu.

The seniors’ display of Ju-Jitsu was shown by a reconstruction of attacks on the beach, in a school corridor, a local dance and then a street attack.

The Cobra Ju-Jitsu Club club meets on Fridays in Studio 2 of the Lisa Jay Stage Institute, Grosvenor Road, Skegness.

For more information call Sensei Nick Preston on 07923366210.