Evolution fighters claim second places

The Evolution team.
The Evolution team.

Members of Boston’s Evolution Fight Team attended the King’s Battleground event in Nottingham.

Zac Baldry was the runner-up in both his points and continuous events.

Youngster Ambie Brockelsby did well in his category, winning his fist fight and going to time in his second bout.

Nesta Baxter claimed second in her continuous fight competition while Chelsea Leggatt also added a second place.

She was competing in the Mixed Martial Arts event, eventually succumbing in the final to a taller and heavier opponent.

Chelsea badded a second place in her points fight.

She won her semi-final bout but was a close second in the final.

Eleanor Careless was the runner-up in her points category.

She can be proud of some awesome fighting skills displayed along the way.

Daniel Cichocki also added a second in his continuous section, in only his second time representing the club.

Meanwhile, Daniel Jellis was second in his continuous category, getting through to the final with some excellent fighting.

The event was hosted by former European and World martial arts champion Owen King.

Youngsters Ambie and Nesta are on the lookout for sponsorship to help them get to Poland to represent Great Britain in September.

For further details, contact Linda on 07716 510792.