First grades of the year for kuk sool won

Kuk Sool Won students.
Kuk Sool Won students.

Students at Boston Kuk Sool Won Boston took part in their first grading of the year.

Adults graded for nearly four hours, the senior children’s class took more than two hours and the junior class saw 90 minutes of action.

Some senior students will test in front of Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh in Norwich in May while white belt students are preparing for an upcoming test in July.

Results: Final school test before final national black belt test - James Pauly, Javier Quevedo, Reece Chuter, Shriya Arya, Lenox Groves, Bob Bryan; Black tag (1st national black belt test taken) - Tim Thomas, Pamod Piyatissa, Pubudu Piyatissa; Dahn Bo Nim (To take 1st national black belt test May 15) - Jessica Scuffham, Tess Hoyles, Summer Bryan, Finley Bryan, Parvathy Kurup, Shayda Johnson, Isabel Groves; Special Tag ( for working extremely well in class but not quiet ready for next grade) - Freddie Garnham; Brown belt/black tag - Alex Whelan; Brown belt - Reilly Warren, Laiba Imran, Fatima Imran, Ellie May Padley; Red belt/brown tag - Abigail Dunmore, Keegan Wright; Red Belt - Max Cowern, Aaron Thomas; Blue belt/Red Tag - Lucas Mann, Zak Hudson, Stefano Fiore, Eden Bryan, Maira Saeed, Josh Houghton, Ellie Patton, Carl Richmond, Gary Wright, Mark Garnham; Blue belt - Harrison Belcher, Joe Hutson, Brendan Hutson, Okasha Dar, Alex Gravestock, Jack Pittam, Finlay Pittam, Carlos Fragoso; Yellow belt/blue tag - Kyle Dell, Leighton Dixon, Chloe Patton, Lewis Smith; Yellow Belt - Nikita Anand, Leighton Imraj, Kian Imraj, Annabel Ross, Torstan Groves, Raiens Buzinskis, Angus Martin, Benjamin Vickers, Michael Kettle; Yellow Tag - Sam Shields, Owen Edgerton Hart, Alfie Stocks, Anaya Yousaf, Raheen Yousaf, Ziad Gatta, Chloe Richmond, Anvita Wayker.

From April to To June, Kuk Sool Won Boston will be part of Lincolnshire County Council’s Sportivate project.

Any person aged 14 and above is eligible for six free lessons under the scheme.

For more details call 07710 444 662.