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Arnold Bennett won his rink with A40.
Arnold Bennett won his rink with A40.

Defending champions Eastenders top the Mill Inn Division One of the Boston Indoor Bowls League at the halfway stage of the season.

They earned a close win over third-placed Carlton Road, Paul Flatters’ 21-16 just bettering Les Feary’s 17-13 for a 4-2 win.

Second-placed Holland Fen failed to capitalise and also dropped two points against lowly IBC.

Mick Asplen scored a last-end three against Mick Tomlin, but 25-7 from the ever-reliable Keith French sealed the win.

A40 made ground on the top three with a nice 6-0 win over inconsistent Halfpints, Jim Gott (23-13) and Arnold Bennett (20-15) winning the rinks.

Jolly Farmers and Invaders seem to swap places regularly, and this week Invaders leapfrogged their rivals into fifth place with a solid 6-0 over Royal Mail,

S. Whyers (20-10) and P. Hoyles (19-13) recorded victories after Jolly Farmers succumbed to Kirton Town, J. Smith’s 21-8 easily beating J. Moore’s 19-15 reply, giving Kirton Town a 4-2 win.

Punchbowlers are leading the way in the T&B Containers Division Two.

They cemented their position this week with a close 4-2 win over second-placed Swineshead.

D. Peacock, J. Allen and I. Drury scored 4-3 on the last two ends to win 20-15, which just claimed the aggregate points against Swineshead’s 19-16 reply from F. Scrupps.

Strollers took advantage of this to move back into second after dispatching Norprint 6-0, K. Swain won 20-14 and A. Everitt added a 24-17 score.

The Golfers seem to be struggling of late and tasted defeat at the hands of The Crowns, an 18-14 from D. Gill fell one short of B. Bates’ 24-19 reply for The Crowns for a 4-2 result.

Parthians are creeping up the table and, but for dropping two points against basement team Boston Park, would have gone fourth.

Mid-table is getting very congested and, with Patriarchs beating Amateurs 5-1 and Breakaways beating Feathers 6-0, it leaves a lot of teams in contention for fourth place.

It’s a one-horse race in Cammack’s Division Three, with Poachers 29 points clear after beating Vikings 6-0.

Second, third, fourth and fifth all clashed with one another this week.

Second-placed Autos got the better of fourth-placed Central, N. Wright’s 20-9 bettering the 17-13 reply.

Sibsey beat High Flyers 4-2 thanks to a 28-17 from Sue Bridges.

The Fairways continue their downward slide after a 6-0 defeat to Shipmates, 18-17 and 15-13.

The Burtons took bottom team Hotspurs to task and with wins of 26-12 and 21-9.

Traders and BBC shared the points, but Traders just sneaked the aggregate by one to take four of them as N. Stanley’s 23-9 just edged out T. Vere’s 22-9 reply.