Beanie and Bro will still influence Wongers’ way

Mickey Stones.
Mickey Stones.

Mickey Stones admits that the new Horncastle Town management team will be ‘highly-influenced’ by former boss Glen Maddison and his assistant Allan Ross.

Andrew Shinn and Stones, the Wongers’ incoming managers, both played under the duo - better known to their players as Beanie and Bro - at Sleaford, Boston United Reserves and Horncastle.

Andrew Shinn.

Andrew Shinn.

Steve Lovett and Nathan Rawdon, who are also part of the new-look management set-up at the Wong, also played regularly under the Maddison-Ross combination, whose style has more than rubbed off on the team.

“The four of us have all played a lot under Beanie and Bro, so of course we’ll be highly influenced by them,” Stones explained.

“We’ve learned from them how important it is to be organised and keep everyone motivated.

“Glen was really organised as a manager while Bro was the most motivated person I’ve met.

“I remember at Horncastle when they first came in, their way of doing things helped us win the the County Senior B Cup in 2007.”

Shinn, Rawdon, Lovett and Stones also won the Lincolnshire League under Maddison at Boston United Reserves, something they’d love to replicate with the Wongers.

A promotion to Boston United’s first team - including a league debut goal against Vauxhall Motors - saw Stones also work under then-Pilgrims boss and former Nottingham Forest striker Jason Lee.

And Lee also showed aspects of management which Stones hopes to learn from.

“Jase was nothing like he was on the pitch,” Stones added. “As a manager he was laid back and trusted his players, and that meant you didn’t want to let him down.

“He didn’t rant and rave on the touchline, and I don’t want to be doing that either.”

Stones also added that, although the next Lincs League season is still some time away, the management team are currently looking at bringing in some younger legs to complement the squad.

“We’ve got a bit of an ageing squad,” Stones continued.

“I think the majority of our players are over 25 and we need to look at bringing some younger players through.

“In pre-season we’ll be looking at lads from our Development Side and under 16s.”