Boston Town turn to their wish list

Ian Dunn.
Ian Dunn.

Boston Town managers Ian Dunn and Matt Hocking are hoping to spend the summer ticking off names on their wish list.

The two Poachers bosses have identified the players they hope to bring to Tattershall Road this summer.

And now they will have to go from football pitch to sales pitch.

“We have a wish list already,” said Dunn.

“We’ve written down the names of the players we want at the club next season.

“Now we have to start speaking to people and try to bring them in.”

Dunn won’t share his list with The Standard, but top priority for the Poachers is a striker.

“It’s no shock that the teams at the top of the table all have 30-goal-a-season strikers,” Dunn added.

“If we want to be up there we need to get one in as well.

“It doesn’t matter if he’s from a higher level or lower level, we just want someone who can convert those balls in the box.

“It doesn’t matter whether they go in off your knee, foot or backside, there’s a certain talent to being in the right place to get goals in the box.”

Dunn admits he wants to strengthen his team in most positions on the pitch.

However, that does not mean he is preparing to show a number of his squad the boot.

Dunn and Hocking took the reins close to pre-season last year and had little time to shape a squad.

“We were just getting players in,” he said.

“But we can’t fault the lads we have at the club.

“The results haven’t always been there but the effort always is.”