“Absolutely ridiculous!” Boss Greene slams refereeing decisions during Boston United’s FA Cup defeat

Dennis Greene.
Dennis Greene.

Dennis Greene was left qustioning some ‘terrible’ refereeing decisions following Boston United’s FA Cup defeat at Brackley.

Glenn Walker put the Saints in front with a speculative strike which slipped through the fingers of Pilgrims keeper Ashley Timms, and Steve Diggin doubled the hosts’ advantage with a late breakaway in a 2-0 victory.

But for Greene, his biggest concern of the afternoon wasn’t his keeper’s slip-up, but referee Dan Messon.

With 20 minutes remaining, the United manager left the dug-out after receiving his marching orders.

But during the post-match inquiry, referee Messon denied dismissing Greene.

Greene said: “It’s incredible, I’ve just been in to see him and he says he never sent me from the bench.

“He’s told me to get behind the dug-out, and that’s where I’ve gone.

“But when I went in to see him he tells me ‘I never told you to get behind the dug-out’.

“It was absolutely ridiculous. I said to him ‘at some stage when the game’s stopped, why don’t you tell me to come back from there as I shouldn’t be behind the dug-out?’

“Their manager (Jon Brady) says the same thing, the referee was terrible today.”

The manner of the defeat also stuck in Greene’s throat.

Although Brackley were the better side on the day, the Pilgrims boss believes the first goal proved the turning point.

“I was just really disappointed, to go the goal behind in the manner that we did,” He added.

“With five minutes to go to half time , they’ve not really had a shot at our goal and we’re happy - we’re 0-0 away from home in the FA Cup.

“Then Timmsy makes a complete clanger with that goal and we’re 1-0 down.

“We put them under a bit of pressure then we get done at the end 2-0. If it was 0-0 they wouldn’t get that goal at the end.

“It’s one of those things, it sticks out badly when you go 1-0 down.

“Financially, it’s a big blow. For the club, supporters and me, we wanted to be staying in this competition and we couldn’t get through it.”

And as he prepared to leave St James’ Park - where United return for a Skrill North fixture next month - Greene also fired a parting shot at his hosts for the way they slowed down the tempo in the second half.

He continued: “It’s completeley bending the rules. We have some pressure and then their keeper goes down for five minutes.

“They had three players go down in the second half, each time after we’ve had a spell of pressure.

“They’ve bent the rules, but they’re experienced. Every time we got on top they took the rhythm out of it.”