B for bonkers! Boston United boss Dennis Greene labels FA’s League Three plans ‘crazy’

Dennis Greene.
Dennis Greene.

Boston United manager 
Dennis Greene has dismissed the FA commission’s proposals to introduce a League Three as ‘just crazy’.

Last week, FA chairman Greg Dyke unveiled plans for a new division, which would sit between League Two and the Conference National in the football pyramid, incorporating Premier League B teams.

Dyke believes that these B teams would be filled with young English talent, helping to develop the skills of homegrown players.

But Greene disagrees, saying: “It’s just crazy. I can’t see how it’s going to benefit anyone at all.

“They want to create a new division which is the equivalent to League Two.

“But a lot of the standard of football at that level is kick-it-forward-quick, and that won’t help any young players develop their technical ability.”

The Football Conference and many non-league clubs are opposed to the idea, believing it will create a greater gulf between league and non-league clubs, and could also affect attendances.

Greene was part of Martin O’Neill’s famous Wycombe Wanderers side which won back-to-back promotions from the Conference to the old Division Two from 1993-1995, and such a dream rise may be stifled in future if Premier League talent dilutes the lower tiers.

Indeed, the United boss has an alternative idea.

“There are better ways to develop young talent,” he added. “If you said that every Premier League team has to have eight young English players in their squad, but let the players go out on loan to other clubs, they’ll learn a lot more that way.

“They need to look to loan these players out to other countries more often.

“Our young players would learn a lot more from playing around good players in a technical league, like the Dutch league, than they would all being grouped together playing League Two teams.

“This would only stop teams like Boston going further up the leagues. This club wants to get back into the Football League, and that would be harder if there are B teams there. It devalues the competition.”