Boston United make goalscorer top priority on summer shopping list

Dayle Southwell.
Dayle Southwell.

A goalscorer is top of Boston United’s shopping list this summer.

Manager Craig Elliott says he is desperate to get his hands on the type of striker who can win a match out of nowhere as the Pilgrims appear on to be heading for a third successive campaign without anyone reaching the 20-goal mark.

Nicky Walker (11) and Gavin Allott (10) currently lead the way, but with just four games left to play neither look set to double their total.

“You as fans want a number nine to take to your hearts and have that belief that we might not play well but they’ll get that goal,” Elliott said.

“That’s the one key position we need in the summer. A number nine we can all take to, who’s a matchwinner.

“I think you’ll see a difference in the team then.”

Leading scorers, past 10 seasons:

18-19: Nicky Walker - 11*

17-18: Ashley Hemmings - 16

16-17: Jay Rollins - 12

15-16: Dayle Southwell - 24

14-15: Dayle Southwell - 30

13-14: Ricky Miller - 28

12-13: Marc Newsham - 30

11-12: Marc Newsham - 21

10-11: Spencer Weir-Daley - 14

09-10: Marc Newsham - 29