‘Boston United needs the Quadrant to survive’

The new design for Boston United's proposed ground
The new design for Boston United's proposed ground

The head of Boston United Supporters Association has stressed The Quadrant development is vital for the future of the club.

Chairman Glen Chapman told The Standard fans are ‘greatly concerned’ because of the ‘unsustainable’ nature of the club’s current home.

The Pilgrims want to move to a new stadium within the Quadrant development - with Chestnut Homes now trying to get planning permission for the project.

A referendum of people in Wyberton this week delivered a ‘no’ vote - albeit with a poor turnout - but that will only serve to guide the parish council on how to respond to plans.

Councillors can choose to ignore the result and give their backing to the scheme.

Mr Chapman said the referendum was a matter for the people of Wyberton but outlined the views of fans in the following statement: “Boston United Supporters Association is greatly concerned that the continued existence of our football club is seriously in doubt because, as a business, Boston United and all of its associated community programmes delivered to some 11,000 people are not sustainable at their current home.

“Unless moved to a more suitable location the continued existence of Boston United Football Club in our community cannot be guaranteed.

“We have to be out of York Street by 2018 and so the new stadium is vital for the survival of the football club.

“The Quadrant proposal includes plans for around 500 new homes to help meet housing needs, the creation of over 400 full time jobs and more than 600 construction jobs.

“The project will also deliver the first part of what could become a distributor road, providing a possible solution to some of Boston’s traffic flow issues.

“A key part of the Quadrant planning application is the provision of a brand new stadium for Boston United and a Leisure Complex for the community, facilities paramount to maintain the long term future of our football club.

“For Boston United there is not a Plan B, the continuation of the football club relies on the success of the whole application for the provision of a new stadium and therefore a sustainable future.

“As Chairman of Boston United Supporters Association and a fan of The Pilgrims I can’t imagine the town without the club but I completely understand that ultimately it will be the comprehensive, robust, legislative planning process that will decide if the Quadrant proposal will benefit the community of Boston and therefore be approved, which then in turn will secure the future for Boston United Football Club as we know it.”