Boston United striker Ricky Miller will only get better - Greene

Ricky Miller.
Ricky Miller.

Bad news for the Skrill North. Pilgrims boss Dennis Greene believes Ricky Miller is yet to fulfil his potential.

The high-energy striker has netted five times since returning to Boston United in the summer, also winning three penalties as his quick turns and tricky feet bamboozle rival defenders.

But despite impressing match after match, Greene believes Miller can still improve into a complete player.

“Ricky’s Ricky - he’s a pest,” the manager said. “But we’re trying to work on Ricky and develop other sides of his game.

“He terrorises opposition with his work rate and he’s putting his body into centre halves and turning them.

“But at times when you’re a lone central striker you have to get hold of that ball and let other people get close to you to bring them into play.”

The 24-year-old is never afraid to take a pot-shot at goal from distance, and after creating those shooting oportunities for himself with a swerve of the body and a turn of pace, few would begrudge him the chance to have a go.

Although Greene loves to see his individuals express themselves on the turf, he is a firm believer of a team ethic.

And with that in mind, he his slowly trying to encourage Miller to adapt.

Encouraging the striker to look at additional options, Greene said: “He’s twisting and turning all the time and sometimes we can’t get near him.

“He’s wriggled away and if he’s looking to square it he can’t because nobody is near him.

“He’s so keen that he just wants to get the ball from under his feet and smash it towards goals. But he’ll learn.”