Boston United teammates Brodie and Brown are still going toe-to-toe

Richard Brodie.
Richard Brodie.

Richard Brodie is delighted to finally be on the same team as Nat Brown.

The Boston United duo have enjoyed some ding-dong battles over the years.

But after Brodie’s move to the Jakemans Stadium, the forward gave his teammate a ringing endorsment - even if their reunion began in a similar fashion to their battles of old.

“I had a laugh with Nat Brown after I stood on his toe in training,” Brodie told The Standard.

“He said ‘you’ve not done that for a few years’, so we had a laugh.”

However, Brodie was quick to point out that he’d prefer to be lining up alongside Brown rather than against him.

“Defenders like Nat, they’re not fun to play against, you look at the team sheet and think ‘who am I up against today’,” he added.

“Players like Nat give you a hard time and I’d rather have people like that on my side. I like to think people won’t have fun against me either.

“At the end of the game you shake hands and have a drink, but when you’re out there you’re there to win.

“I want to be a winner, successful and lead this club forward.”