Boston United will look to move remains of loved ones to new ground

The new design for Boston United's proposed ground
The new design for Boston United's proposed ground

Boston United are looking at ways in which remains of fans that were scattered or buried at the current ground can be moved to the new one.

Nikki Baxter raised the issue by asking if anything had been said about what the developers were going to do with the urns buried at football club’s current site, in York Street – and the ashes that were scattered there – when the club switches to its new home in the Quardant development in Wyberton.

Quadrant, commercial units

Quadrant, commercial units

Her grandfather Tom Kirk’s ashes were scattered at the ground on November 18 1999. At his wishes they were scattered the Town End side of the half way line near to where his friends used to sit.

She said: “My grandad’s ashes were scattered on it as many others were. It was his wish for that to happen and nothing seems to have been said about any of it.”

In a statement, a spokesman for the club said BUFC was mindful of those who had chosen to be buried there and their families.

The spokesman said the plans were not firmly in place yet and that they would be finalised nearer the 
time of the move, but promised: “The club would look to relocate any urns to the new ground in a manner that is sympathetic to the memory of those fans and their families.It is likely that a portion of the playing surface will also be relocated.”

Mrs Baxter said the answer didn’t satisfy her as she believed firm plans should already have been in place.

She said: “My grandad, the same as many others, weren’t just thrown on the pitch they dug a hole and put the ashes in it.

“As a mark of respect they should have already confirmed what they were going to do, to me no firm plans are no plans, all these people were big fans.”

The Quadrant’s Q1 plans, which include the new stadium, were passed in August and construction is due to start later this year.