BROWNE ON THE BALL: Are you not entertained? Do Boston United have entertainers or butchers?

Jay Rollins in action against Curzon.
Jay Rollins in action against Curzon.

Watching the highlights of a match you saw close-up from the stands is rarely an exciting experience.

Give or take those rarest of emotive goals - a last-gasp Agueroooo title-winner, a Solkskjaer volley at the Camp Nou or a Ray Warburton header at Hayes - It’s virtually impossible to recreate the tension you first experienced when the final score is already lodged in your mind.

You basically tune in to re-live a cracking goal, catch up with something you missed while getting the chips in or to try to convince yourself that it was never a red card and your team was robbed.

But re-watching the Boston United-Curzon Ashton flashpoints this week I couldn’t help but end up with the same feeling as I did when shuffling out of the Jakemans Stadium on Saturday - what flipping fantastic entertainment that was.

Yeah, some defending was from the Frank Spencer school of damage limitation, very good chances were wasted and how Cameron Mason hasn’t got an OBE for services to goalkeeping yet is anyone’s guess.

In all honesty, Boston should have had the game won before the latecomers had made their way through the turnstiles.

But at the end of the day, that 90 minutes of football was fun, and that’s something that often takes a backseat as we’re continually reminded this sport - even in England’s sixth tier - is nothing if not a results business.

Saturday’s game took me back to that scene in Gladiator when Maximus slashes his sword mechanically through opponent after opponent in the Zucchabar pit, leaving a trail or corpses before challenging the crowd: “Are you not entertained?”

It’s a great scene but the vital lines are uttered by Proximo before the one-sided slashfest.

“All you do is kill, kill, kill,” he warns. “They don’t want a butcher, they want a hero. Don’t just hack them to pieces, remember you are an entertainer.”

There we have it. In truth that hero’s formula has been embedded into crowds for thousands of years.

We all love a winner. But a true champion has to bring a bit of magic too.

It’s probably why we can all admire the excellence of Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton, but will never take them into our hearts the same way we do a Paul Gascoigne .

On Saturday United stretched their unbeaten run to nine games. They came from behind to beat York City and Southport in dramatic fashion, hung in there against Blyth and took North Ferriby apart.

That sequence has included seven wins and two draws, but none of them will stick in the mind as long as this draw with Curzon.

Were you not entertained?

Of course you were.