BROWNE ON THE BALL: As one, Boston United can be in the driving seat

United they stand! Boston can pull together for victory.
United they stand! Boston can pull together for victory.

Where we you when Boston United drew 0-0 at Chorley?

Perhaps you took your place amidst the amber and black army, chanting your throat dry in support of the Pilgrims and yet another defensive masterclass.

Maybe you were unable to make it, listening to the match on the radio or following it on Twitter.

Of course, there’s every chance you may have been one of those unfortunate souls trapped in traffic on the M62, powerless to do anything other than sit and wait, knowing that you’d missed the match... and any chance of getting home in time for supper.

I found myself in that latter category on Wednesday night, virtually motionless for six hours.

Yep, between 4pm and 10pm a particularly slow and lethargic tortoise, suffering from cruciate ligament damage, would have covered more ground than I managed.

Chorley kindly put the kick off time back to 8pm, and that ensured some fans who could get on to alternative routes made kick off.

But in my predicament that 15 minutes’ grace was about as useful as fixing the Titanic with a plaster or paying off my mortgage with Monopoly money.

I missed the match. I missed the action. I missed players missing opportunities in front of goal. But I didn’t feel I missed out.

Modern technology meant that smartphones and laptops ensured I knew what was going on at Victory Park thanks to BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s commentary and the club’s official Twitter feed.

Those same Pilgrims supporters who would normally say something rude and witty to me as I walk past to the press box kindly used social media to tell me just how damn hilarious they found my predicament.

And I also got the chance to see cameraderie at its best.

Those vehicles littering the four lanes of the westbound M62 were aware of the situation, and they were aware that both sides of the motorway were shut because there had been a collision involving two lorries and a van, with one unfortunate soul being airlifted to hospital with severe head injuries.

They were aware they were, despite being stuck, the lucky ones, themselves a mile or so away from a freakish moment of misfortune.

Together, vehicles shunted wide to let the emergency crews through in the same way they edged out onto the hard shoulder to block off those selfish twonks who thought their time was more important than anyone else’s and tried to pull a fast one.

One bus driver revelled in taking pictures of those hard-shoulder warriors, which he’ll hopefully pass on to the correct authorities.

Stranded passengers laughed and pointed as lads hopped behind bushes when nature called and there was even one report of a bloke walking the lanes handing out boiled sweets to fellow motorists.

And after the match had finished and the interviews were done, the guys from the radio kindly sent us stranded reporters their audio files so we weren’t without post-match reaction, while the club itself organised a call from manager Dennis Greene to reiterate his views.

I suppose my point is that things are better with teamwork. When people pull together they most often pull more powerfully, and usually in the right direction.

And that could be key for the Pilgrims come Saturday’s second leg.

Boston United are blessed with a team which plays for one another, not individual glory. They find themselves surrounded by a management team, board, staff and supporters who feel the same.

The greater good and the collective has gained power and momentum with every one of these past 11 unbeaten matches.

Just being at the Jakemans Stadium in recent weeks proves that when all unite as one, a heck of a lot can be achieved.

Make no bones about it, defeating Chorley will be no easy task. But there is no reason why United cannot keep their momentum going, if all work as one.

On Wednesday I was in gridlock wile the Pilgrims ended their match in deadlock. I struggled to need first gear while they didn’t quite reach top gear.

Come Saturday, teamwork could see the club motoring on to the Vanarama North’s play-off final.